I love - no, adore - brushes. Perhaps way more than makeup. My love for brushes has had me collect them for the past few years, many at hard-to-swallow prices. My very first brush is MAC's 209 that I purchased along with Fluidline. Back then, I had little knowledge of how to take care of a brush, which led to splayed bristles and loose joint between the ferrel and the handle. The loose joint has been fixed, but there can't be anything done to fix the splayed bristles (quite tragic since even the tiny eyeliner brush comes at a high price - at MAC that is).

It's been almost 3 years that I've been collecting brushes, and I'm still amazed, excited, and proud at how my collection has grown. 3 years have had run me through several washing and storage options. Of all the tests I've ran, mild shampoo is the best for washing, and (really geeky, but) my adored 600 ml Pyrex beaker filled with acrylic vase fillers is the best for storage. It is a bit tight with all the vase fillers to hold all my brushes in the beaker, but for now, this will do for me.

my face brushes (from left to right): Sephora Collection Pro Foundation Airbrush #55, Piccasso Brush FB15, MAC 109, MAC 131, MAC 138, MAC 165, NARS 21 Ita Kabuki Brush, NARS 27 Yachiyo Kabuki Brush, Giorgio Armani Blender Brush, Giorgio Armani Face Brush, MAC & Marcel Wanders 187 Brush (LE)

my eyes & lips brushes (from left to right): Shu Uemura Kolinsky Portable Extra Lip Brush, Shu Uemura Natural Brush 6M Sable, MAC 204, MAC 209, MAC 217, MAC 219, MAC 224, MAC 239, NARS 02 Push Eye Liner Brush, NARS 12 Small Dome Eye Brush, NARS 16 Smudge Brush, NARS 15 Wide Contour Brush, NARS 07 Flat Concealer Brush, Piccasso Brush 306, Piccasso Brush 717, Piccasso Brush 401

my travel set: Piccasso Brush 14-piece Mini Brush Set (LE) is shorter than the regular versions

Piccasso Brush 14-piece Mini Brush Set (from left to right): Portable Lip Brush, 402, 305, 301, 302, 219, 239, 205, 210, pony14, FB15, 105, 103, 101


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