Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 77, Freedom 5 Eye Shadow Square, Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil 20

I was just passing by Inglot store on the boxing day and saw 40% off sign on its windows. My feet were headed towards the store without my brain even knowing it, and before I could even think through, I told one of the artists that I'd like to get the Freedom System for eye shadows. I should really fix this.

Anyway, 40% off was a pretty good buy because makeup rarely goes on sale, especially high-end brands. That's how I justified myself after the purchase. Isn't that how we all do?

Freedom 5 Eye Shadow Square (from left to right): AMC Shine 31, Pearl 402, Matte 327, Pearl 444, AMC 63

I apologize for the used product image. I forgot to take a picture before I started using; I was uber excited!

I've never tried or tested Inglot eye shadows, but I knew that they were super pigmented (from gossmakeupartist). When I actually tested the colours at the store, they are true to colours; what you see on the pan is what you get on your eyelids.

I wanted to customize a neutral-toned palette because I am a neutral girl. I love beiges, browns, taupes, greys, and blacks (for some in-your-face factors). I do like some highlight colours on occasions, but that's very rare. I tend to give more colours to the lips because I usually don't even wear eye shadows.

I've talked more about individual colours in the swatches below.

Matte Collection AMC Lip Pencil 20

Inglot's matte lip pencil is really matte. So matte that it's almost uncomfortable on my lips. I bought this to wear it all around my lips, more like a lipstick than a lip pencil. Even though I've never used a matte lipstick or a lip pencil before this one, it wasn't hard to work with it, but it can be quite drying, so just be careful. I do need to prep my lips beforehand, but that goes with all the lip products. I absolutely need to exfoliate my lips to pull off this pencil to be worn as a lipstick. Otherwise, your lips won't look pretty with matte red, and I'm definitely not going to be lazy about that.

Matte red is special to me. Special in a sense that I don't keep it for a special occasion, but more like I feel special when I wear matte red. Am I the only one? There's magic in matte red.

Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel 77

I actually didn't buy the gel liner on the boxing day, but I thought I'd include it here because this post is for Inglot review.

I bought this as my MAC Fluidline replacement. I didn't plan to buy Inglot's gel liner because I was going to try the Clinique one. I've yet to try Clinique's (their black gel liner was sold out when I went to the counter), but I don't regret buying Inglot's. It's creamy without being slippery that there's no control. It does give more product for money than most gel liners in high-end brands, which is a happy bonus. The colour pay-off is amazing; strong and opaque.

The staying power was absolutely amazing. I actually prefer this over Fluidline. I haven't played with it long enough to say, but I do love the consistency of Inglot's gel liner, more so than Fluidline. There's something weird about Fluidline. The texture dries when it reaches its end time, but the actual product isn't dried up.

AMC Lip Pencil 20 is true red; it doesn't lean blue or orange. AMC Shine 31 looks like my skin colour with beautiful shimmers (could also work as a base colour). Pearl 402 is taupe with sheen (it leans more brown). Matte 327 is warm, dark brown (the artist recommended this for my brows, but it's quite warm, and I need the smallest amount). Pearl 444 is warm silver with sheen. AMC 63 is matte, dark black. AMC Eyeliner 77 is opaque, deep black.

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