This is a long, long due review. Even though I've never even mentioned about the brand e.l.f., I feel like I owe this product a review simply because I had this forever.

I think this is as old as 3 years, if not 2. There was a huge hype about this product when it first launched because it's taken as the dupe for NARS' Blush & Bronzer Duo, both in colours and packaging.

I've never purchased the NARS version because at the time I wasn't a bronzer girl (I'm still not). I do love blushes, and NARS Orgasm Blush was something that I massively wanted because the colour is so young and pretty. That is, until I bought NARS The Multiple in Orgasm (review coming up!). After NARS The Multiple, I thought I wouldn't need a second product in the same colour, but it only costs $3, so why not.

e.l.f. version of Orgasm/Laguna is well done. For the price, you really aren't missing anything here. You get 4 grams of product, which is a lot because 1. it's powder, and 2. the product itself isn't really bad either. NARS' duo comes at 9.9 grams at $41. A little less than half of product for as low as 1/13 of price, that's a very good value.

Past the value point, now on to the product quality. It's decent. It's not the smoothest powder that you'll get (like NARS), but it's not hard to work with either. Sometimes, it's a little trickier to blend because you get patches of colour, but that's fine. It's not terrible, but it's not a wow product for me.

As for the colours, I only like the blush. I can really say that the blush is very similar to Orgasm (that I own from The Multiple), but I can't say about the bronzer since I don't have Laguna. On my skin, the bronzer goes very muddy, which is not what you want from a bronzer.


A final word on this is that I stopped using products that contain shimmer because I love matte. If I want sheen on my face, I just use my Dior highlighter (reviewed here) to add luminosity. I only want shimmer in my eyeshadows (occasionally). Therefore, I stopped using this product altogether. I feel a bit sad because I never like putting away makeup products in my closet, stored away.

My philosophy on makeup purchases is to really edit and question myself if I really need it (not want), and would I take use of the product. Because I'm not a professional makeup artist, I would never finish a product (unless it's integrated into daily routine makeup). Sure, it's fun to collect from here and there, but for an average lady like myself, practicality is priority.

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