(from left to right): Skin Food Pedicure Sparkle 01 Sparkle Gold; Skin Food Rice Concealer Tip 21 Skin Beige; Missha The Style Lucid Nail Polish OR01 & BL05; Skin Food Milk Creamy Nail BL007 Sky Milk, BL005 Mint Milk, OR007 Lemon Milk, OR006 Orange Milk, and PK008 Cherry Milk

I'm back from Korea! And of course, I have bought a few things from there. Korean cosmetics brands are so cheap, you have no idea. Let's just say that each nail polish shown above retails less than $3. I've seen some that were sold at $1.

Anyway, this is just a short haul post. I'll review and swatch them as I go (can't promise when I'll upload them though - I have more posts that I have prepared from Korea that need to go first).

However, you can see the swatch of Skin Food Milk Creamy Nails here.

I used Skin Food Rice Concealer Tip in 21 Skin Beige and had it irritate my skin so badly! I even checked every ingredient using Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary from Paula's Choice website, but there is inclusion of fragrance. All the other ingredients were fine (no :| or :( faces), but I think it was the fragrance that just irritated my skin a lot. The smell is indeed very noticeable, so I assume there's a lot of perfume in it.

I had no choice; I had to stop using it. I ended up giving it to one of my friends who is less sensitive to fragrance.

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