As I mentioned in my earlier haul post, I bought the sunscreen right before leaving Korea from my vacation. I was planning on buying the mattifying one from Skin Balancing line but realized that Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen can be worn both on face and body, which comes to less money for more product.

This sunscreen is so perfect as summer product because my skin tends to produce more oil. I don't need a sunscreen that will give more moisture than I need. Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen has a bit of moisturizer (but not too much that my skin feels like gliding oil), and the finish is just right for summer. I don't think it's mattifying, but it doesn't feel oily.

The texture is thin as well, which definitely helps to avoid white cast from sunscreen.

I really like this sunscreen, but the downside is that I can't use it on any other seasons. After coming back to Montreal (mostly dry weather all year long), my skin felt so dry that this sunscreen didn't cut it. Hence, I had to buy another sunscreen, which is what I'm using at the moment (and I love it; I'll review it later).

I'm definitely going to stick to this sunscreen in summer and will save it for my trip back to Korea in the summer.

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