I'm warning a full of disappointment review, but partly because of my misjudgment.

One of the duty-free products I asked my brother to get was Clinique's Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Moisturizer. I thought it would be similar as US version even though the name is slight different, but they 2 different products. The US version (Acne Solutions Clearing Moisturizer, Oil-Free) is formulated with benzoyl peroxide to fight off blemishes. However, the Korean version doesn't include benzoyl peroxide at all.

Aside from the ingredients, my skin was actually irritated and got blemishes from using this product. When I was 100% certain that my blemishes were caused by the product, I stopped using it and returned it. Thankfully, the blemishes stopped coming out, but it was such a pain to get rid of the already existent ones.

I learnt my lesson here; I will never buy a product until I check that the ingredients are the same! Be sure to check the formulations when in a different country.

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