It just so happens that I've focused on one brand again in a single post. How convenient! Except, Rouge Bunny Rouge has grown quite big with its collection of makeup items (possible can't cover the entire brand like I could with Jung Saem Mool Beauty). Back story: I had been dying to get my hands on the Diaphanous Impalpable Finishing Powder, ever so frequently talked about from Karima a.k.a Shameless Fripperies. I've been reading her blog & watching her YouTube channel for quite some time, and years after years, she's been faithful to the Diaphanous (on a side note: her beauty standard is like a soulmate to me, hands-down). Without a doubt, I decided to order at the Rouge Bunny Rouge website. When the parcel came in, I was thrilled, but inside the package, I saw another person's order (you can imagine my baffled face). I thought that I've ordered the Diaphanous, but I've received the Eye Shadow Palette Raw Garden in Antigo & Tinted Luxe Balm Dazzling Sip in Specks of Cerise instead. Apparently, someone had mixed up my order, which happened around the same time as another in Australia. Well, I'm not complaining because I basically received free items! Plus, I eventually got the Diaphanous. Win win.

Above pictured is the Diaphanous powder. You can see the mesh sifter that avoids powder from pouring out. You can also see that the powder is so finely milled that you can actually breathe it (DON'T DO IT!). It's a translucent, loose powder to be used as a setting powder or a finishing powder. Karima often refers to it as powder for dry skin, and I can see why; it's not the most mattifying powder, which dry & dehydrated skin people (me!) would like. Its finish is satin, not entirely matte, with a bit of glow (which is what stops from making your face look dull or flat).

Can I just say something? Rouge Bunny Rouge does packaging on point. I mean just look at the pictures... The packaging is even approved by certain someone ;^)

I've also pictured the full ingredient list of the powder above.

Below are the swatches of the eye shadow quad and the tinted balm.

Although I've received the wrong items on the first go, I wasn't even mad (after all the anticipation at that) because of the eye shadow quad. The texture... Let me tell you, the eye shadow powder just melts on your fingers. They're so smooth & creamy. They are not shimmery or anything, but they just have that glow that helps to oomph/lift the colours into life. Simply beautiful. The colours are gorgeous as well. They may look plain & boring to some, but they really are unlike other muted browns that I've seen. Top right is a bit reddened brown, and bottom left is golden/khaki brown. The colours are all multi-dimensional.

The colour (Specks of Cerise) from the Tinted Luxe Balm is right up my alley, but on my lips, it looked a bit aging... Perhaps, the colour is too muted for my complexion. It wears beautifully though, very smooth & moisturizing.

I say, the Australian girl & I have similar taste in makeup as well :^)

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