Since Beautylish re-launched the limited The Air-Brush from Wayne Goss with a fast sell-out, I thought this is the perfect time to post a review on it. I've bought 2 when it initially launched back in summer because the price was quite fair, at $35 per brush. I've been already using & enjoying other Wayne Goss brushes with much love. His brushes speak quality & quality :^)

I did post a review covering all the other Wayne Goss brushes that I own here, but this post specifically focuses on The Air-Brush.

I'm going to preface this post by saying that The Air-Brush is the softest brush in my collection of brushes. Mind you, I do have a fair amount of brushes considering that I'm not a makeup artist because makeup brushes (or any art brushes for that matter) are my main thing when it comes to makeup. My love for brushes has had me collect brushes & made me experience different types of brushes. The Air-Brush is made of natural bristles, meaning blue squirrel fur in this case, which is one of the softest bristles out there. Wayne maintains a very high standard when it comes to making his own brushes whether it be quality, the process of making brushes (handmade in Japan), cruelty-free aspect of animal handling, etc. Usually, Wayne's quality of brushes would retail at a much higher price, but because Wayne runs his brush business exclusively by himself with Beautylish for distribution, the prices are quite affordable for the quality. I really don't think you can beat his price for the quality. The Air-Brush, however, went above & beyond. I cannot believe the price for The Air-Brush. How is it possible?? I would easily pay double, or even triple, the price for the quality. Thing is, even at the triple of the price, it's hard to come by such a well-made, functional, multi-purpose brush as The Air-Brush. Please, take my word for it because I'm not just saying that.

The Air-Brush manages to multi-purpose by applying face powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter... basically any type of face powders, you name it. The shape of the brush, a bit like flattened candle-shape, tapers to a smooth point, which allows diffusion/blending. The size of the brush isn't absurdly big or too small, which is perfect for precision with grace. I can tell that Wayne put a lot of effort to narrow down the shape of The Air-Brush to be multi-functional. The Air-Brush, as the name suggests, will give you air-brushed finish of powder application for the reasons I've mentioned before. I like using mine for setting my under-eye concealer because the under-eye area is the most delicate, sensitive part of my face. No other brushes manage to glide on powder there because I can feel some individual hairs poking the area, but not The Air-Brush. In terms of the strength of the application, it's about soft to medium, meaning that it doesn't give you the most intense colour application. The bristles are so delicate that it only picks up a small amount of pigment & lays down very softly. You can build up, but this will depend on the actual colour product.

I'm not sure what else to say about this brush. One thing to note is that you absolutely cannot use this brush for cream or liquid as it will ruin the delicate fibers of natural bristles. However, for powder, this brush is the softest.

You can check out Sonia from The Sweet Make-up Temptations for more detailed info on this brush here. She is much more experienced collector of brushes.

If you've missed on The Air-Brush, you can check out Wayne's permanent line of brushes at Beautylish here. #02 brush is quite multi-functional as well (for the same price), with more precision.

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