Le Métier de Beauté Eyelash Curler, Chanel Illusion d'ombre, Tom Ford Lip Color

Two of my friends (E & S) were heading off to New York around Canadian Thanksgiving; boy was I jealous. I wanted to join them so much, but I had an exam coming up. I was utterly upset, but I treated myself some cosmetics goodies to lighten up the mood. I know it's really bad to go on retail therapy, but it sure does help at specific times. I didn't want to burden my friends too much with the products because they were going for their holidays too, so I thought hard and narrowed my splurge list to 4 products.

Le Métier de Beauté Eyelash Curler

I really needed a new eyelash curler because my old Shiseido curler was nearly done, and eyelash curlers are supposed to be updated every year with changing the pad every 6 months. I read good reviews on Le Métier de Beauté eyelash curler from The Beauty Look Book even though it was described as softly padded (I'll explain this further in a bit). I wanted to try something completely different from Shiseido because I needed more curve for my eyes (which Le Métier de Beauté does). However, the soft pad was too soft for my liking and my stubborn lashes that it was dented after 2 weeks of usage. When the pad became dented, it took away my precious lashes after every curl.

I am now hunting for a replacement and considering either Chanel, Shu Uemura, or Kevyn Aucoin. I find every beauty product needs trials no matter what reviews it gets because it really is personal. One product may do wonders to some while it may be the worst nightmare to others (a very different story in skin care). I'm happy that I've tried Le Métier de Beauté eyelash curler (even though it is a bit pricey) because I would've never known otherwise. It also made me discover the brand that I would've never even attempted to try. There are a lot of cosmetics brands out there, and I personally love when I find a brand that I fall in love with while most people don't know much about it. It's a shame that I won't be repurchasing Le Métier de Beauté eyelash curler, but maybe I'll try other products from their line in the future.

Chanel Illusion d'ombre in 83 Illusoire (top left corner) & 85 Mirifique (bottom right corner)

I actually didn't plan on buying Chanel eye shadows because I was waiting for my duty-free shopping in the summer for Giorgio Armani's version, Eyes to Kill Intense Eye Shadow. I also don't use eye shadows on a regular basis because a good curl for my eyelashes, one good coat of mascara, and some colour to my lips are all I wear for everyday makeup. Sometimes I don't even bother with mascara, I would instead just curl my lashes and call it a day because I really can't be bothered with putting makeup on in the morning for school. I don't know what got me to splurge on these beauties, but one thing for certain is that I don't regret buying them.

In one word, amazing. They are fantastique. I also had to think really hard to pick the colours I wanted, but I'm glad for the ones I chose. Their texture is somewhere between mousse and gel. It's not a cream like Benefit's. It's no where near MAC's Paint Pots or Giorgio Armani's Eyes to Kill Intense. Chanel's Illusion d'ombre is something on its own. It's soft, easy to blend, and very forgiving.

The pigment is very true to colour, but it can be buildable. I usually dab it on quite light then build to the intensity I feel the most comfortable. I've used Mirifique in a substitute for a glitter eyeliner with wet application and loved it for a night out.

Tom Ford Lip Color in 09 True Coral

I've been dying for a Tom Ford lipstick ever since Ford launched it in its original white tubes. What stopped me was $50 (with tax) price tag. With $50, I could add another brush to my collection that lasts nearly a lifetime. But, of course I was splurging, and Tom Ford was the first one up. I've tried True Coral on my lips in the summer time (at Holt Renfrew), and I remembered really liking it. I didn't want nude lipsticks because I was paying $50, and it had better be worth its price tag. I was too afraid of darker colours like Black Orchid (until Lisa Eldridge did a tutorial on different ways to wear a lipstick... oopsie).

It worked out perfectly in the end. I love corals, and True Coral; the name says it all (it's not a pinky coral, which is more wearable). I do have to be a bit careful with application because it turns towards orange side, which is not very friendly with yellow-undertoned skin.

Illusoire is purpley-greyish taupe with shimmers, and Mirifique is intense black, filled with different colours of micro-glitters. Tom Ford's True Coral looks orange in the swatch, but it's more like a neon coral.

Overall, it was a good haul thanks to E & S; it definitely upped my mood when they returned with Bergdorf Goodman paper bag.

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