Part 2 of eye shadow review series is dedicated to Dior's very own, Impression Cuir Eye Palette. This palette was released as a limited edition palette back in 2008 Fall collection. I didn't even know that this palette existed until I saw Lisa Eldridge mentioning in her favourites vid. I searched everywhere on web to get this palette, and I found one on Strawberry Net on sale (for I don't know how much, but I think I paid less than $40). Score.

Just look at that! Isn't it gorgeous? This palette is my favourite palette of all time not only because it's Dior, but the crocodile pattern, and most importantly, the texture & the COLOURS! Since I love natural and neutral colours, this palette is so perfect.

I was skeptical about buying this palette from Strawberry Net because even though it said original, genuine brand product, you never know about these things. I googled so much about everyone who had written their experience from the site, and it seemed that they really sell genuine products.

When I finally received the delivery and tested, it felt exactly like my Dior 5 Couleurs palette (one I bought from Dior counter) or even better. Dior's signature buttery, creamy texture with intense pigment was present. You can't just fake that kind of technology. The only downside was that it doesn't come with the velvet pouch and that the back of the palette isn't stamped with the product details. For the price I paid though, I could care less about those 2 minor "issues."

Without further ado, here's a swatch.

(from left to right): wood brown with shimmer, golden metallic khaki with a hint of taupe, and champaign beige with shimmer

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