I bought Giorgio Armani Maestro Eye Shadow Quad when I started collecting eye shadow palettes (around 2-3 years ago). Back then, I focused a lot on eye makeup: eye shadows, eye liner, and mascara. It was hard to come by a review on this particular palette when I was searching for it (and 04 Stone was sold out at the counter when I went). It seemed like people focused rather more on the brand's face makeup (which I have to say some are quite impressive).

This palette is nicely pigmented with consistency that is quite soft and beautiful to blend. It's definitely not creamy in texture like Dior's 5 colour eye shadow palette, but not too powdery either. It has very sleek packaging, which I love. It's not plasticky like Dior's, but it doesn't get as dirty as NARS'. You may find the thin compartments a bit annoying, but I personally like the compactness.

This palette is chic and sophisticated, very grown-up-like. I actually like the green shade because it adds some colour to my eyes. This is also an actual colour that I don't mind putting on because it's not so bright. It's quite nice.

03 Earth consists of yellowish warm beige, golden yellow, deep brown with a tinge of green, and mossy green. All 4 shades contain very fine shimmer but not shimmery at all. It looks like a nice sheen when you put them on.

Overall, I think the invidiual shades work nicely as a whole presentation. They coordinate well, but they can also be worn as individuals. Very versatile.

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