MR. + MRS.

It was my first time trying nail art, so please excuse the mess-ups. I tried so hard to clean it up, but towards the end, I was just too tired/exhausted (and I didn't have a solid white varnish).

Mr. on the middle finger & Mrs. on the ring finger

For Mr., I took the design from this picture, and for Mrs., I saw this tutorial. I didn't have the right tools, so I tried to use whatever I had; black varnish, cream shimmer varnish, cheap standard, synthetic eye shadow brush, and the tip of a safety pin.

The problem was that my black varnish and the "white" varnish didn't seem to have the same consistency, so when I put on the top coat, everything smeared all together :[

I love the designs way too much that I couldn't just waste my effort. (Hence why I took pictures even though it's not photo-worthy.)

Nail art is so hard. Never again. (maybe in distant future, I'll give it one more try with the right tools.)

Chanel Le Vernis 219 Black Satin
L'Oréal 150 In the Buff

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