I usually don't wear blush in general because I just don't have that extra time to put it on. However, when I do, Revlon's Cream Blush is the one that I use the most often.

I love the fact that the colour goes well with my skin tone; it looks natural, like the glow from within type. The texture is also lovely; it glides on, very easy to blend. I usually just dab my ring finger on the cream blush then dot it on my cheeks. That's all for blending pretty much.

There is a little bit of sheen, which means that it's not completely matte. I like it anyway because it doesn't look like I'm wearing a sparkle bomb on my cheeks. NARS' Orgasm is too glittery I find, but there are days when I feel like wearing shimmery blushes.

Revlon's Cream Blush is fit for that natural, everyday no-makeup makeup look. Below is a swatch!

(from left to right): heavy swatch & blended

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