It's weird how I instantly fell in love with Piccasso Brush brand (there is a Korean site here), but ever since I started using their brushes, I know that I wouldn't need to purchase brushes from other brands (except for MAC 217 & 239).

3 reasons:
1. Piccasso Brush has better quality brushes, the softest brushes to date.
2. Piccasso Brush brushes don't shed, for the ones I have encountered so far.
3. Piccasso Brush is cheaper (than MAC).
What more do I need to say? I'm pretty sure that most people are willing to pay for the cheaper, but better quality products. Why spend more when we can get better ones for less?

(sorry for the dark pic, my camera didn't adjust to the back light)

I found Piccasso Brush through a Korean beauty blog that I still follow religiously. It's called magazinePAPA, written by a makeup artist, Young-hyun Lee. I've come around by this blog about 3 years ago, and I learnt that she switched to Piccasso Brush from any other brands brushes. Lee wrote in one of her blog entries that most celebrity makeup artists in Korea uses Piccasso Brush. When she posted an extensive guide to makeup brushes, she had mostly put Piccasso Brush as well (some were MAC and Bobbi Brown) for the 3 reasons I've put earlier.

I was skeptical at first because I'm skeptical about any makeup /skin care products. However, last summer when I went to Korea, I finally set my foot and visited Piccasso Brush studio (it's not necessarily a store because they have makeup booths where people can get makeup lessons, but they do sell their brushes and false eyelashes). The first thing I noticed was customer service. The person in charge (I'm not entirely sure) was so kind, asking a makeup artist to help me out. I had already made my list of purchases before visiting, but I wanted to make sure and asked the makeup artist. After 15 minutes of testing and getting the answers, I did made some tweaks to my list. When I was done, the person in charge added Eyeme false eyelashes for free for me to try out.

Piccasso Brush also excels in making falsies. They have 4 different lines, Eyeme and Natural lines being the most used by makeup artists for beauty shoots in Korea. Eyeme wears so comfortable, light, and natural that I wish I could wear a pair everyday. It just enhances the appearance of my eyes without being obvious. Love. They make my eyes look fuller and my eyelashes feathery at the same time. What's more is that Eyeme has several different lengths and fullnesses that you can choose from.

(falsies from other lines)

I visited the office again this year due to 2 brushes that need to get fixed from my mini brush set (review here). The person in charge gave me a sample brush as a gift, and I was once more impressed by their customer service (I didn't even buy anything at the time of the visit).

It was massively a long post, but the bottom/most important line is that I highly recommend Piccasso Brush!!


  1. Thanks for the review! Where can you buy piccasso brushes?

    1. So sorries for such a late reply. If I can still help you with your question, you can purchase Piccasso brushes through their website here: http://www.piccasso.co.kr/shop/shopbrand.html?xcode=001&type=Y

      That being said, I would gently direct you to higher quality brushes than Piccasso because the quality isn't quite meeting my expectation. Wayne Goss or Rae Morris has superior quality brushes that are affordable. A bit more expensive than Piccasso, but much better quality. I do, however, still recommend Piccasso's synthetic foundation brushes; I think the brand really nails it down.

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    1. okay! please send me a link as well :^)

  3. Hi there!
    Do you have the address of this place or which area it's located? I will be going Korea end of the year, would love to have a look & buying some stuffs!

    1. Hi there,
      the store is in Apgujeong area, and the exact address is 3rd floor, 21, Apgujeong-ro,Gangnam-gu, Seoul
      the store is open from 10 to 5 pm on week days only I think
      hope it helps :^)

    2. Thank you so much!
      It looks like a housing area. What is the name of the store? Sorry for so many questions~

    3. Hi!
      They've changed location since my post here, and it's at a building. The name of the store is the same as the brand, Piccasso Brush!

  4. Oh! Do you have the new address? I googled for Piccasso Brush store and only found their main website which doesn't have the address @.@

    1. the one I've listed is the new address :^)

    2. Okie~ Thank you very much for your help!

  5. Hi, so happy to read your post! Do you have the address where I can buy Picasso brushes? Thanks!