The first time I tried on fake eyelashes was on my prom day. I went to get my makeup done at MAC, and I had decided to try them  out because I knew that they really make a big difference to the eyes.

Falsies, as I call them, are amazing once you get the hang of it. Putting them on is pain until you master the technique. However, when you do master the technique, there's nothing like falsies that will give an instant boost to your eyes.

All of the falsies in the pictures are from a line called Eye Me from Piccasso Brush. If you've noticed, I love Piccasso Brush (more than MAC except MAC 217 & 239) for their brushes. Not only is their customer service superior to other brands, but their falsies are the most comfortable set I've ever tried.

When you put these on, you'll almost forget that you're wearing them. That's how much comfortable they are. When I wore MAC falsies on my prom day, my eyes felt heavy the whole time.

Eye Me falsies all have a clear band at the base, and I believe it's that band that makes it so comfortable (as well as the individual falsies).

The best part of all is that I've never paid for these, and I'm not sponsored or was asked for review of these products either. The first time I went to Piccasso Brush store (in Korea only, sorry) to buy some brushes, one of Piccasso Brush people added free falsies for me to try. Before then I never bothered with falsies, but after trying Eye Me, I'm almost hooked. (I still don't wear as often as I'd like because I'm just too lazy... oopsie)

The second time, they had an event on their Facebook page about free Eye Me for trials. They sent them out for free, and they added 2 extra pairs of falsies when I asked 1.

I think you get the idea of how amazing Piccasso Brush people are. They truly believe in the quality of their products. If they weren't, how could they be as so confident to give falsies out for free? They knew that people will fall in love with their products because they are that much irresistible. I've absolutely fallen in love with their products, and I intend to get more brushes and falsies when I go to Korea this summer! Even if it weren't for the wonderful freebies, I'm certain that I would always return to Piccasso Brush because I'm never disappointed.

You can check out Piccasso Brush website (in English) here. Korean website is here.

P.S. - If you want fab tutorials on how to put falsies on, you can watch the amazing makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge's vids here (full strip of falsies) and here (individual falsies).

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