I remember getting the sample of Weekly Resurfacing Treatment a while ago when I had first purchased Paula's Choice products online. Many people (including Gossmakeupartist on YouTube) raved about the product, and I simply fell for it.

When I first tried the sample, I felt a little bit of sting. The morning after, my skin did become brighter and somewhat enhanced in feel. However, I wasn't really seeing that big of a difference like other people seemed to be crazy about.

In Korea, I decided to get the full-sized product because the sample only gave me 2 uses, and it was on sale! After using the product for a consistent use (once or twice a week at night instead of BHA), I'm still not crazy about it. It's a nice product, but I don't see a dramatic change after using it on my skin either. Maybe it's because I have been following Paula's recommended skin regime (with right exfoliant and all) for about 2 years now, and my skin is already in fairly good state.

Would I repurchase it? I'm not sure because this really isn't life-changing product for me. However, I do like the fact that this is an effective AHA for me. On a side note, it tends to sensitize my skin just a tad, so I do have to be careful as well. I would repurchase it if it's on sale like the last time!

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