Best deal of my life. Originally $85 CA, but bought it at $23 with tax. How amazing is that?? Sephora boxing day sale didn't disappoint me at all even though this brush set was the only item I bought.

(from left to right): Blush Brush #6, Eye Shader Brush #3, Small Domed Brush #12, and Push Eyeliner Brush #2

I've been wanting to get a makeup pouch because I have none. I really coveted the Chanel Holiday 2011 Glossimer set that came with the black makeup pouch (with the snowflake zipper); it was so cute! However, I knew that I'm not really into lip glosses, so I let it go.

When I entered Sephora, I immediately asked for promotions because it's rather rare that cosmetics go on sales. Then, I went to the sale section and spotted NARS brush set. I asked to make sure that the price was $20 and didn't think twice. I went straight to the cashier and was very, very happy. I just couldn't believe that I bought NARS brush set for $23. NARS single eye shadow alone costs $28 without tax. I think I should get a pat on my back; I did so well!

I love it even more that the brushes come with an adequately sized makeup pouch (which looks really chic & simple). Inside the makeup pouch are little compartments on the sides.

I haven't tried the brushes yet because I just got it, but I'll keep it posted! Did you buy a lot?


  1. Hello there! I'm thinking of buying this set, two questions? Worth it? What measures have brushes? I'm afraid they are too small.
    Thank you

    1. sorry for replying now, but I don't think this brush set is worth the price unless it's on sale like I happened to come across... the bristles are not the softest & I ended up not using it at all