(from left to right): Diorshow New Look Mascara 090 New Look Black &
Couture Colour Eye Shadow Palette 734 Grège

This was my impulse buy because of that cute little, tiny Dior eye shadow palette! I just couldn't resist!

colours (clockwise from top left corner to the centre): caramel-beige, ivory, light grey, warm brown, and beige (all with slight to moderate shimmer)

After trying both the eye shadow quintet and the mascara, I hate to admit, but the mascara sucks while the palette is amazing! It would've been so good if both items were equally good, but as mascaras go, Diorshow New Look Mascara just isn't the one for me. On my eyelashes, it clumps and flakes and just a disaster... (I ended up giving it a friend)

On the other hand, Couture Colour Eye Shadow Palette in 734 Grège is the smoothest palette yet. The colour combination, as well as texture and longevity, is just so my style. If you haven't tried Dior palette, then I highly recommend 734 Grège!!

close-up of Diorshow New Look Mascara

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