I've always used a toner since grade 4, but I stopped after realizing that toners are not necessity in skin care in grade 8. Another huge shocking factor was that most toners contained alcohol, which is one of the worst ingredients you can put on your skin. However, Paula's Choice toners do not contain alcohol & they are essentially liquid moisturizer.

Last winter was so dry (as I kept complaining, trying to moisturize my skin enough), which was why I even bought the hydrating mask from Paula's Choice. The mask worked fantastic, but towards the end of winter, the weather got a bit more mental, and I needed some boost.

I've always wanted to try Paula's Choice toners because I couldn't find a decent toner in drugstore that didn't contain alcohol. I even ran out of Olay's Regenerist serum, so I went ahead and bought Skin Recovery toner.

As it turns out, it's actually quite good at giving that extra boost to moisturize my skin. It felt weird using the toner at first because I was so not used to using a toner anymore, but it worked.

The quantity of the product is also another factor that I really like because I'm still using it in the month of July (I bought this in January). I use it daily, twice a day (morning & night). Considering that, the toner lasted quite a long, long time.

I now want to try Skin Balancing toner as it contains higher amount of niacinamide. Somehow my skin really likes it.

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