I think it's safe for me to say that Revlon carries some decent mascaras. Photoready 3D Volume is almost the perfect mascara for me!

I really did not expect much from this bulky, not-so-attractively packaged mascara. However, it really amazed me on its performance. It really holds the curl unlike any other mascaras I've tried so far, from high-end to drugstore brands. It separates the lashes without any clumps into nice, clean, and long lashes. I even love that it's rubber wand because I have more luck with it.

One thing though is that it doesn't create that much volume... This is where I say it's almost the perfect mascara. Even though I love more lengthening mascara than volumizing one, I'd say Photoready 3D Volume should have been named Photoready 3D Length because I really didn't see much volume action.

Nonetheless, it's a really good waterproof mascara that I was very much pleased with!

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