This is the first time that I've found a natural bristles mascara working decent on my eyelashes. It would've been even nicer if it didn't droop the curls on my eyelashes, but what can I say. This is a non-waterproof mascara, hence it cannot hold the curl ever (at least on mine).

It lengthens somewhat decent, but what I loved the most is that it doesn't clump even after several coats (max 3, of course). Downside is that even though I coated 3 times, it didn't lengthen further. It's a mascara for clean, separated lashes, which are what I look for in a mascara, but I'd love more length.

Revlon is not really known for their mascaras, but this one gave me some curiosity to look into it now. I'm going to try one of the waterproof mascaras they have, and hopefully I'll find the holy grail mascara...

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