When in Korean summer, a powder is a must. I get reminded of it every time I visit, but I never bought one until the day I left. Strange, but at least I have one now... right?

Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Powder is a pressed powder in such a posh, matte black compact, with a magnetic closure! Luxurious to the end, and I love matte black so...

Anyway, as for its performance, I'm simply wowed (more than the packaging, ha!). It just lasts all day! Montreal summer is not humid at all, but the sun is so strong. Luminous Silk Powder keeps shine in check and helps my makeup to last all day. It's not drying on my skin as some other powders do (I do get drier skin in Montreal...).

I'm happy that I bought this powder, although the packaging and the name did carry me away... Every time I take the compact out, it feels so chic.

The powder came with a sponge applicator, but I just use/carry a mini-sized blush brush (regular powder brushes are too big for me). There aren't too much powder fall-out, which is a bonus as I won't be losing a lot of product.

Note that the swatch above came out a little darker in colour because it's very fair in person.

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