This is my first lip liner, and I'm very happy to report back that I absolutely love this product!

I have been wanting a lip liner that's either exactly my lip colour or a shade below, and this lip liner is a shade below. I pretty get my-lips-but-better when I apply the lip liner as a lipstick. I get the perfect nude lips! It's brown-pink, but it leans more on pink. The formula is a bit drying (since it's a lip liner), but it doesn't crack my lips either. I usually apply my lip balm and give some time for my lips to be plumped. And then, I dab out the lip balm to use the lip liner. This way, my lips are happy, and the lip liner works great. Just don't forget to exfoliate the lips if you have to.

It also lasts quite a long time. Although a greasy meal wouldn't allow any lip products to stay on, the lip liner is somewhat resistant to the oil.

I also love that it's so cheap, and yet performs wonderfully! Swatch below is a bit off (my apologies).

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