I have been dying to try MAC Strobe Cream as it's a multi-purpose product! Who doesn't like multi-use? Multi-whatever...

It's intended as a moisturizer, but I bought with a light highlighter in mind. It has that slight sheen/very finely-milled "glitter" that gives an extra something when you put on skin. As a result, you get a glowing, but not shiny skin.

I tried it back in winter from the sample I've received from a MAC counter to see if my skin would react to it. I was so happy that my skin didn't break out.

It does moisturize my skin, but I love it more when I mix it with a foundation in 1:1 ratio. I get a glowing, smooth skin! Though the coverage of a foundation becomes less because it becomes less saturated with pigment, I do like the natural-looking skin. I do wish that it would moisturize my skin more because I'd need to pair it with a serum if left alone.

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