Another impressed review from Tony Moly! This eye shadow doesn't seem much at first, but when I applied, I fell in love!

Tony Moly carries quite a lot of different types of eye shadows, from sheen, sparkle to matte. Although I didn't buy other types of eye shadows, I did go head over heels about Delight Mono Shadow Matte in 05 Brown Cookie, mainly due to colour. This doesn't mean that the quality is okay in comparison to the colour alone. I'm raving about this particular shade due to its quality and the colour.

Often, most matte eye shadows are very blotchy and hard to apply. However, this matte eye shadow is creamy to apply with buildable intensity. It also blends like a dream. It lasts all day once applied, although some minor fading is to be expected.

On my eyelids, 05 Brown Cookie gives the perfect shadow colour, which means that I look like I have deep set eyes when I apply it all over my eyelids & around the rim of my eyes. The colour is almost my skin colour, but better. It's not too warm or too cool. It's the perfect soft beige with a tinge of caramel.

One thing I'll note is that it doesn't have a proper case... It just comes in the plastic holder thingy as pictured above. I understand that it was designed to be put in a palette, but for a person like me who just wanted this single colour, I couldn't buy a 6-shadow palette for one.

Nonetheless, I adore this colour!

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