I never gave much thoughts on cotton pads, but after trying Shiseido Facial cottons, my thoughts have completely changed!

I always saved my money on cotton pads because I go by them so quickly with removing makeup and nail varnishes. However, the cheaper ones tend to leave bits of cotton on my face & they always tear with excessive uses. With Shiseido, none of those shenanigans. In fact, it's not that expensive when you think about it because it contains 165 cotton pads! When you break down the prices, it's really not that bad.

It's so soft on the face. I don't think I can go back to the regular drugstore brand cotton pads...

Remember the NY HAUL post? I showed the exact same Ladurée box as above in that post. The reason being, I store my day-to-day Shiseido cotton pads in the box! And, it's perfect in size as you can see above. I used to store round cotton pads in one of the smaller beakers I have, but after switching to the rectangular Shiseido cotton pads, beakers didn't really work out. I didn't want to just decorate my room with the empty box since I love utilizing whatever I have (and, I can't even think about throwing away such a pretty box!). I personally prefer to close the box since I hate having dust accumulate over time.

I got inspired by The Beauty Look Book utilizing Diptyque candle glasses for several organization ideas (post here and how to clean candle jars here).

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