As winter hit, I needed a new moisturizing sunscreen. Most sunscreens are so drying on my winter skin. Clinique Body Cream SPF 30 feels greasy at first, but dries down in a very moisturizing feeling.

This is definitely not a sunscreen for those who hate greasy feel. It's a thick cream, so those wanting a light sunscreen, look elsewhere. However, for those who want a really moisturizing sunscreen, this is great!

Although it's labelled as body cream, the ingredients are the same as the one labelled as face cream in the same line in Clinique. If I'm paying for the same thing, of course I'd go for the one with a better value for money! There's also SPF 50 in the same line, but I figured SPF 30 was enough, and SPF 30 is considered as the new standard in sunscreen since most people don't apply as deliberately as recommended.

My main concern with every sunscreen is whether or not the product causes blemishes on my skin. I've been using the sunscreen for the past 2 months, and I can safely say that I've had no problem with blemishes. However, I do seem to get blocked pores just around my nose since I always have trouble with that area. It's oilier than other areas of my face, but it's also the most dehydrated area. I have yet to figure out how to manage my skin care for it.

Overall, I really like the sunscreen!

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