Although there's NYC brand in Montreal, New York has it so much cheaper. I ran out of mascaras at the time, so I wanted to try NYC Sky Rise Lengthening mascara.

I usually go for waterproof mascaras because they hold up the curl, and regular mascaras don't... or so I thought. I've found a trick in holding the curl with a regular mascara!!! Hence, this purchase. The trick is to take out the wand from the tube, and let the mascara dry for a few minutes. I swear, the stiffness of nearly dried up mascara doesn't weigh down the curled eyelashes. I no longer have to deal with rubbing my eyes to get waterproof mascaras off!

NYC Sky Rise Lengthening mascara is really good at separating the lashes into clean definition, while lengthening effect is noticeable, but not great. You can, of course, build it up, and it does lengthen a bit more. It also volumizes, but not as good as it lengthens. More importantly, it doesn't really smudge or flake.

For a couple of bucks, I think it's a really good mascara, and you definitely can't go wrong with this one!

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