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(from left to right): 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 08, 14, 15, 18, 20

I'm not sure where to start with Wayne Goss, but I think I should start with the man behind his brush line. If you've never heard of him, he's a professional makeup artist based in UK. He's been on youtube for I don't even know... I think I've been watching him since college? but he's been on youtube for longer than that of course. Before he got big on youtube, even before he launched his own brushes, I just liked him for his honesty in the world of hyped-up youtube/beauty world. He always gave genuine & honest reviews of products before he became more "confident."

On to his brush collection!

Wayne created his brushes out of his love & passion for makeup brushes. Personally, I got into the whole makeup world because of the makeup brushes. I remember saving my allowances to buy & collect makeup brushes instead of something else (perhaps more practical?). I really respect him in this regard because if you just think about going through the process of finding and bonding with a supplier who will meet all of your needs & wants, let alone standard in something you want to create. I can be very nit-picky when it comes these sorts of things because of my high standard & perfectionism side. And, I think most people are when it comes to their own creation; you'd want to create something to blow people's mind because your name will be labelled behind your creation. I'm saying all of this to give credit & applaud Wayne on his brushes.

His brushes really blew my mind when I first started using them. As he's repeatedly emphasized on them, they really are soft, and I mean really soft. After getting his & Rae Morris' brushes (will be talked about in the second part of the post later), I've used them almost exclusively (hence decided to give each of them full post of FAB & FAV trio). There are variations in terms of the softness due to different purposes of each brush (you'd want sturdier brush if you want to pack on colour, whereas you'd want a softer/fluffier brush if you want to blend the colour), but even the sturdier are soft... I didn't know that that was possible...

This is a really general overview into his line, and because I've already talked a lot on them, I'm not sure if I should talk specifically into each of the brushes.. hmmm Let me just give brief descriptions on each, and we'll call it at that.

Also, Wayne gives instructions & descriptions on each brush on his youtube channel, so if it intrigues you, you could check it there. I'll link his channel here.

(from left to right): 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 08, 14, 15, 18, 20

His brushes don't have names (instead just numbers) because his philosophy behind his brushes is that they all should be multifunctional, instead of designated labels. All of his brushes are handmade, cruelty-free from Japan (they didn't harm animals, but they just collected naturally shed hairs), requiring 20 people to make up 1 brush. With this in mind, I think his brushes are very fairly priced because I've seen ridiculously priced brushes that weren't even natural bristles, but synthetic. Also, all of his brushes are made of natural bristles, except 01 because it's a mix of both natural & synthetic hairs.

I'll start with the first one. (I'll also link Wayne's vids on each brush number)

Intended for foundation, but it could really be used for cream & liquid products. It's stubby & probably the most stiff brush in his line because you don't want liquids to move around as you apply them.

This is truly the embodiment of multitasking brush. I love candlelight-shaped brushes because it's tapered at the tip for precision. Yet, it can also work great with blending if you just press in the brush more for the surrounding hairs to blend. Really soft brush.

Bigger eye brush. I usually don't opt for big brushes, but after giving it a go, I love bigger brushes now. They don't have as much precision as the smaller counterparts, but they blend like a dream in a sweep. Again, really soft!

This is the renewed version because the previous 05 brush was nothing like this shape. I do prefer the renewed shape. It's a pencil brush, smaller version of 20. This is like using a fine-tip pen. Allows great precision & control. Soft to be used underneath the eyes (and you know how that area is really sensitive) & doesn't prick your skin.

This was thought to be duped for MAC 217, but I think they're very different, not only the different hairs on them. They just serve different purposes, in my humble opinion. Another really soft.. okay I think I'll stop saying soft because you get the point. This one is more a blending brush for me, but you could use it to put soft colour.

Eyeliner brush. Every time I have to tightline (which is pretty much every time I do eyeliner), this is the brush I go for. It's soft (oopsie haha) to be used on the bed of your eyelashes. Great brush!

I love this brush! I really didn't think much of this brush because it seemed so fluffy that it wouldn't do a thing, but I was wrong. So many people love this brush, and there are reasons. It just diffuses colour as you apply it because it's fluffy. Easy brush to use, dummy-proof. I mainly use it for blushes.

Fan brush, which I use a lot for highlighter application. Diffuse look instead of disco ball, if you know what I mean. Another great brush

Eyeshadow brush that I thought was a dupe for MAC  239, but I think they are again different. Obviously Wayne's 18 is a lot softer, and it gives more diffuse/blended eyeshadow application compared to the MAC counterpart.

Bigger pencil brush compared to 05. I liked this brush because I just couldn't find soft pencil brush until the 20. Not as precise as 05 due to its size, but it's still very useful brush.

Woa, that is everything! (But not really, because I can talk a lot more on them, but it won't end hahaha)

Once again, all of his brushes are multipurpose, so please check out Wayne's descriptions on them! Also, Sonia from The Sweet Makeup Temptations gave very detailed & valuable reviews on each of Wayne's brushes. I'll link them: original collection (brushes 01-08), face & eye sets (brushes 10-20), and updated thoughts.

In case you want to buy & try few of his brushes, you can buy Wayne's brushes from Beautylish; their customer service is impeccable, and they ship very fast. You can get free shipping if you buy more than $100 US. I've always bought Wayne's brushes from Beautylish, and I love Beautylish as well :^)

P.S. Wayne occasionally releases limited edition brushes that he wants to create. I've missed out on them until yesterday when he released The Air-Brush. Let's just say that I bought 2, and I couldn't miss out on these this time.

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