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(from left to right): 6 deluxe pro blender, 7.5 deluxe round shader, 11 medium oval shadow, 12 lash line smudger, 14 perfect eyeliner, 16 brow definer, 18 brow brush, 19 lip brush, 23 liquid foundation, and 24 foundation contour

This post is all about Rae Morris. Like Wayne Goss, Rae Morris is a professional makeup artist who launched her own brush line. Except, Rae is Australia's best makeup artist, still renowned as one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, was the makeup director at L'Oréal Paris, etc. She's kind of a big deal in the makeup world. She also publishes makeup books, which gave her the title of the best-selling author.

Several years ago, Rae came out with magnetic brushes that look a lot different from the pictures in this post. The original collection of magnetic brushes had a mixed audience; some liked it & others didn't. Rae knew that there were rooms to perfect, so she relaunched her line, some of which are pictured here. She was the first to bring the idea of having magnets stuck to the brushes that are patented as the Magnetic Range.

You can listen to Rae's reasons on why she created the Magnetic Range here; I've linked her youtube vid. Briefly, she wanted to have her brushes upright so that it's easier to identify a brush & grab it. It also works for hygienic reasons since the brushes won't touch each other. To do so, you'd also require a magnetic plate for the brushes to stand on. Rae has made hers, but her brushes will stick to any magnetic surface.

To give a general overview of the line, Rae's brushes are not handmade like Wayne's, but they are equally soft. The bristles are not always squirrel hair although most darker hairs are; some are synthetic, while others are mix, still others are goat (white hairs typically), etc... The softness also varies due to purpose of each brush. Sonia from Sweet Makeup Temptations has also given a very thorough & detailed reviews, which I'll link here if you're a brush fanatic. You'll definitely want to read her post :^)

Now on to my brief reviews on specific brushes...

(from left to right): 6 deluxe pro blender, 7.5 deluxe round shader, 11 medium oval shadow, 12 lash line smudger, 14 perfect eyeliner, and 16 brow definer

Brush 6: Deluxe Pro Blender
This is designated to be a very large eye shadow blender brush as you can see from its size. However, I bought this brush as a face powder brush. Since I have a dehydrated, sensitive skin, I don't need to powder all over. This brush size was thought handy, and until recently (meaning after getting Wayne Goss Air-Brush), I've used this brush to powder specific areas of my face. This brush is not as soft as the Air-Brush, but it served its purpose. It's retired until I find a new job for it.

Brush 7.5: Deluxe Round Shader
Another eye shadow blender brush. I bought this brush out of Karima's recommendation from her vid review of the entire Magnetic Brush here (also very useful to watch). She really loved this brush, and after using it, I understood why. This is another one of the brushes that is dummy-proof. It's the perfect size, not too big, not too small, blends effortlessly in a few sweeping motions. This is one of the softer brushes from Rae's brushes. A delight to use. I tend to use this blender brush more often than not.

Brush 11: Medium Oval Shadow
Another eye shadow brush that I bought from Karima's high recommendation. I would've thought that this brush would be too big for my eyes, but in reality it's not. It's not small for sure, but it's not overpowering in terms of size if you know what I mean. Another softer than average brush. It puts on colour without streaking or being too strong. Lovely.

Brush 12: Lash Line Smudger
I always look for a brush that's soft enough to use on my lower lash line. This brush, sadly, didn't fit into its purpose like the name suggests. Some of the hairs in the brush pricks & tugs on my delicate skin. I can use Wayne Goss 5 for this purpose, so I use Rae's 12 for other purposes, mainly to use it flat against its larger surface as it's softer that way. It allows more precise work.

Brush 14: Perfect Eyeliner
Very thin & precise eyeliner brush. I wanted to get the fatter one (brush 13), but it was sold out at the time, and I opted for this one. I don't really use this brush to be quite frank even if I want to use it more often simply because I'm lazy to do eyeliner... haha... Great brush tho!

Brush 16: Brow Definer
Until recently, I didn't really use this brush either because this brush didn't quite work with eye brow powder... After getting Son&Park Gel Bonding Eyebrow, this brush is perfect!! the brush that comes with the gel eyebrow sucks (just being honest.. you could use it, but it's not as efficient as Rae's brow brush)... as with most brushes that are accompanied with products.

(from left to right): 12 lash line smudger, 14 perfect eyeliner, 16 brow definer, 18 brow brush, 19 lip brush, 23 liquid foundation, and 24 foundation contour

Brush 18: Brow Brush
Eyebrow brush. It's huge, but that's why it takes less time & brush up your brows. It's not an essential brush to have, but I was intrigued when seeing this brush since I love brushes. I use this brush every morning to tame my brows & before I enhance my brows.

Brush 19: Lip Brush
I absolutely love this brush. I love square lip brushes because I find that they are more precise & less clumsy than rounder/tapered ones. Maybe it's just me... Rae's lip brush just works.. I don't know how she did it. It applies lip products like a dream. On top of it, it washes clean & doesn't get stained (extra bonus!).

Brush 23: Liquid Foundation
Stippling? brush for foundation. I normally cannot use stippling brushes for foundation application because they will micro-exfoliate my skin (and I exfoliate every day). Also, stippling brushes tend not to be soft enough to be used on my face. Rae's version is soft enough to use on my face, but it still micro-exfoliate my skin if I'm not careful. One thing though is that this brush will apply your foundation in a sweep. Simple take some foundation on to the brush (make sure to even out the foundation on the bristles by patting them at the back of your hand), stipple on to your face in areas you want to apply, and start blending in a circular motion. The longer, white bristles deposits the product & the shorter, black bristles will blend. Sonia has said that it was her staple brush, but I don't normally wear foundation (once again due to my laziness...), so I cannot say the same.

Brush 24: Foundation Contour
Last brush to review! phew. I bought this brush thinking that it would work as the standard foundation brush, but I was wrong. You'll be very unhappy if you try to blend your foundation with this brush. This brush works best as laying down cream/liquid products. You'll need another brush to blend. I don't think I need this brush, but it's nice to have it nonetheless.

(not pictured since it's a recent acquisition) Brush 17: Mascara Applicator
It's more of a tool rather than a brush. It has metal combs to apply mascara with. I don't use it for that (again lazy to do that, but it will apply mascara beautifully without clumping), and it can also separate lashes after the initial mascara application has clumped your lashes together. I bought this brush to actually comb though my makeup brushes... I like taking care of my brushes, and it's nice to brush through the bristles after you've washed them to detangle them. It's a nice tool :^)

Of the brushes I've reviewed, the ones I'd recommend trying are 7.5, 11, and 19. Brushes 7.5 & 11 are like a match made in heaven. They just complement each other so well in my eye shadow application. With them, I don't even need other brushes (unless I require more intricate work, but I'm too lazy to do that hahaha). Of course, I had to include the lip brush. It will change your lip game, just saying.

You can get Rae Morris' Magnetic Range at her site or at Beautylish. They both ship worldwide.

Did you enjoy the trio? Let me know! Are you a brush fanatic like me? You can always click on the brush tab on your right & indulge more in brushes :^)

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P.S. I want to introduce & talk about new products that I've been loving & also let down... hints? Jungsaemmool, Son&Park (you already know my end verdict though haha), Wayne Goss' Air-Brush, etc.


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