Part 3 of eye shadow palette review series! Are you excited? Before deciding on 440 Sunset Café, I remember thinking hard, days and nights, to pick on which palette to get. There were also a lot of palettes that had been already out of stock. I wanted to get a palette without any pinks (because pink on Asian eyelids make them look like they're swollen), but I decided that I could use it instead on my cheeks as blush/highlight hybrid.

I was particularly drawn to the shade on the right upper corner. This shade is so unique in that it's iridescent with baby pink/purple duo chrome. It's so perfect as a highlighter.

These go on so smoothly and creamy. The colour payoff, without doubt, is strong. They all have shimmer; some are more like a sheen, and others are more shimmery. I guess that's the only downside because I've come to really appreciate matte shadows.

I highly recommend Dior 5 couleurs palette because they are such a good investment. In terms of quality, I've never come across any other eye shadows that were as good as Dior's. Please note that Dior has several versions of eye shadow texture/palettes, and it's the original 5 couleurs palette eye shadow texture that I really fell in love with (not just any of Dior eye shadows).


(from left upper corner & right upper corner to middle): pink with gold shimmer, baby pink/purple sheen, brown with a tinge of khaki

(from bottom left corner to bottom right corner): mauve/gray with a tinge of purple (this picture came off a bit weird), coral with orange undertone

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