This was not part of the review series, but I've recently made a purchase on this palette. The truly last eye shadow palette I own, the one and only creme eye shadow palette from Revlon.

When I touched these shadows to do the swatch, I instantly fell in love with the textures. They are so creamy and so smooth. I love that there is a matte shade (second left). The colour scheme just works for me because I love neutral colours, and I would definitely use and wear these shadows everyday (but I don't wear makeup everyday).

They don't last as long as say Ellis Faas eye shadows, but they certainly last for quite a long time (I would say around 5-6 hours?).

The third shade is just the perfect base colour for me. The shimmers are also not so overpowering, which I love.

One thing that I found was that the highlight shade was a bit streaky (when applying). I don't know how to describe it, but it was the least smooth shade.

(from left to right): deep, warm, dark chocolate brown with shimmer, matte brown-caramel, warm beige with shimmer, and champaign ivory with shimmer

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