I can never miss my chance for a favour in duty-free shopping. When my brother was going on a little trip, I asked for 2 products, one being Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution.

I'm sure many have tested & tried this product, but I just couldn't afford it in Montreal, way too over-priced! In duty-free though, it was quite reasonable, and Korean duty-free is so damn good. Enough with duty-free rant.

I really had high expectations for this product because so many people, including professional makeup artists, swear by it. I can see why, but it's not perfect. I can't rave about it because my main purpose for the product was to see how it removes waterproof mascaras. It didn't perform so well against waterproof mascaras, as stubborn as they go. What a shame. I tried to give many trials for waterproof mascaras, but the end results always gave me stung eyes and a lot of rubbing.

Aside from the waterproof mascara cleaning, Sensibio performs really well, which is why I couldn't totally disregard it. It is indeed gentle on my skin in removing foundation, concealer, lip products, eye brows, etc. You get the point. I just wish that it also removed my waterproof mascaras because then I don't need a separate makeup remover...

Would I repurchase this now that I'm back in Montreal? Hmmm.. that's something I have to think about, but if I had to choose between all the makeup removers for a general purpose, then yes. Bioderma Sensibio would get my pick.

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