What Tony Moly is really known for is Party Lover Gel Eye Liner. In Korea, it has won many titles as the #1 best selling gel eye liner and such. It's also known as a dupe for MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, but it's becoming quite something on its own.

I'm sure Tony Moly first launched this product as a dupe for many other popular gel eye liners, but in my opinion, it's more than a dupe. Professional makeup artists in Korea also prefer to use this eye liner instead of other high end brands, and for me, that says a lot.

This post won't be about which is better, but I just think that it's as good as other luxurious brands' gel eye liner.

The longevity, the colour payoff, and the texture are all in my likings. It's creamier than MAC Fluidline though. Textures depend on personal taste, but I don't mind either (as long as it's not hard to work with). It doesn't smudge or smear just like MAC.

I keep comparing to MAC to give an idea of how Tony Moly performs. The finish is a bit glossy, but it dries down to matte, so no worries!

I think Tony Moly is quite becoming on me...

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