Another thing that ran out while in Korea: benzoyl peroxide. It wasn't easy to find a replacement either, but eventually I did.

I don't know if it's a country thing, but after using both the exfoliant (review here) & benzoyl peroxide, I feel like Korean exfoliant & benzoyl peroxide are less potent than US version. That and my skin therefore requires more potent formulas to keep up.

I had to go to a chemist to get Galderma Benzac AC 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide. It was such a hassle to go to a chemist because in Montreal, you can just go to a drugstore without consulting a chemist to get one. Korea's weird like that.

On to the review: at first, I felt like Galderma's Benzac AC wasn't doing anything to help fend off blemishes because blemishes wouldn't go away. I could've blamed lack of sleep & bad food choices, but Clean & Clear Persal-Gel 5 (which contains 5% benzoyl peroxide) is so effective on my skin even with lack of sleep & bad food choices... I know that 2.5% and 5% don't really differ that much because 2.5% is just less drying than 5%, and so using 5% isn't that much more effective. But then, what do I know about benzoyl peroxide and percentages?

Anyway, since coming back to Montreal, my skin has been somewhat tolerant and not pushing blemishes, so I'm just happy. I'll keep using the product so that I finish it, but I really am not sure about its potency.


  1. Where did you get your GALDERMA BENZAC AC 2.5% in montreal? Did you get if from pharmaprix?

    1. sorry for seeing this comment now...
      to comment on yours, I got it while I was in Korea, and I don't think pharmaprix carries Galderma

  2. Good and helpful info! Benzac AC Gel is gentle and doesn’t sting when applied on the face. I use this twice on a daily basis as this is my primary face cleanser. However, unlike any other regular facial cleansers, this one doesn’t lather. See review at: