Another splurge product after seeing the swoon-worthy pictures from Temptalia... Oh my.

I have been eyeing Illamasqua's Pure Pigment in Ore because Temptalia took an amazing photo to bring out all of Ore (link here). However, Montreal didn't have Illamasqua or Sephora that carried Illamaqua. That is until very recently when I found out that The Bay started carrying Illamaqua! I was only cruising The Bay after coming back from Korea to see what I've been missing. I was missing Illamasqua, big time.

Ore is such a lovely, bewitching colour. It really brings out the brown in my eyes, making them appeal very deep. I quite enjoy the effect. The multi-faceted, multicolour glitter (very finely-milled) is absolutely stunning. The base colour is khaki-bronze gold, but the glitter reflects so many different colours.

Packaging is to be watched out because it can be a nanosecond that you fly open the lid and waste the pigment. I haven't yet had an incidence of doing so, but I'm scared that I'll spill. Illamasqua should've done something with the packaging... gargh. Still, the colour is to die for! It speaks for itself, as you can see from the swatch below! A bespoke colour indeed!

and, Merry Christmas everyone i.e. whoever's reading my blog, you're awesome haha :^)

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