I am truly sorry that I've been MIA for the longest time ever, without any notice or announcement ahead. I'm not even sure if there's anyone out there keeping up with my blog at this point (because I feel like I'm just talking to a wall whenever I write here), but since convocation, relocation happened, and this & that. I know, excuses & excuses...

I've been working non-stop at a research laboratory, pretty much given up my fam life, social life, etc. It's been a havoc with work, training, learning, readjusting... Pure dedication to my research career, but in the mean while, please do understand that I never forgot or gave up on my blog (I did change bits on a whimsical whim, just slightly because I really want to change the layout of my blog + updates).

I intend to come back here with a regular dedication, just don't know when... But, until then, stay whimsical on a whimsical whim.


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